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Edfred Corporation :: I AM CLEANING THIS: :: Bath - Shower - Ceramic Tile - Grout - Shower Door - Glass - Chrome - Boat - Fixtures - Fiberglass - Spa - Swimming Pool - Porcelain :: EDFRED 16 oz. Original Shower Stall & Tile Cleaner

EDFRED 16 oz. Original Shower Stall & Tile Cleaner
EDFRED 16 oz. Original Shower Stall & Tile Cleaner  
Restores fixtures to natural brightness.

Removes corrosion, oxidation, soap and hard water stains from glass, ceramic tile, chrome and porcelain.

Excellent for use on fiberglass and swimming pool tile.

Tip: Mix and match with all 16 oz size products such as Cling N Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner and/or Liquid Garage & Driveway Cleaner to fill your case for promo discount.

Discounts will automatically be applied as you update your shopping cart.

Contains no bleach


Will not harm Septic Tanks. Excellent for removing:
*Corrosion * Oxidation
*Soap Deposits * Lime & Hard Water Stains

GENERAL USE: Quickly and easily removes stains from bathtubs, fixtures, ceramic shower tile and grout, swimming pool tile, drinking fountains, glass, chrome, porcelain surfaces, fiberglass surfaces including spas and boats, with a minimum of labor.

DIRECTIONS: Apply evenly with damp cloth or sponge, leaving on for a maximum of 1 to 2 minutes. Rinse well with water and dry. NOTE: Apply cleaner evenly! Do not allow to run on any surface. Certain grades of ceramic tile and some tubs and sinks could possibly be etched by improper use of this product. Before using, test in an inconspicuous area. Promptly flush this cleaner from any surface that can be affected. For sensitive skin or prolonged use, rubber gloves are recommended. Do not mix with bleach, household cleaners or any material containing chlorine. Not to be used on marble, terrazzo, stone, concrete counter tops, colored grout and other metals or any metallic glazed surfaces.

Note: Our users have also found this FANTASTIC on boat scum and water stains. Read our user reviews.

TOTAL Satisfaction! DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. See Terms & Conditions Page.


Weight 1.40 lbs
Price: $8.99


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Before Photo Tile With Water Stains
After Photo Tile With Water Stains Removed

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Customer Reviews

Author: Sue
Amazing stuff alright. Glad I can finally get this online. We use edfred products after a tenant leaves for all of the really bad build up of who knows what. A real estate agent gave us the tip. It would take forever with anything else.

Author: Judy
I've been using this product for about 4 years and love it. I even use it to remove the hard water stains that get on the windows from the sprinklers. Being able to get it online now is a big plus.

Author: C. Munk
I have used the shower cleaner for years and have been able to get it in
stores, but can't find it anywhere anymore. So, I went online and found the
website. Love the product!

Author: Paula K.
Did a search on EdFred. I was cleaning a very yucky shower door and
remembered your product that I had used in the 80's that was easy and it
worked! I'm glad it's still available.

Paula K., Burkburnett, TX

Author: Kimberly P, Santa Cruz, CA
I love the fact that it is biodegradable and isn't harmful to smell and breath like so many of the other shower cleaning products. AND it really works!

Author: Terry Tinsley
We have a 40 year old house and there have been 5 kids through the bathrooms. The tile and grout needed cleaning and we tried Tilex and any thing else that we heard about. Nothing lived up to our hopes. EdFred Shower and Tile cleaner WORKED. We applied and waited a minute or 2 and wiped it up. No scrubbing. The grout looks as good as orignial. It meets my wife's standards and she is strict about the appearance. saved me a new grout job.

Author: Storyteller: Jim Weiss
We discovered EdFred about 20 years ago. It is the best shower cleaner EVER! We are delighted to find it so readily available and from a family business as well.

Author: Arlene B.
This is by far the best product out there,because it really works well, contrary to all th other products that are a complete waste of time and money.

Author: Jack Eldridge
Your Edfred shower and tile cleaner does the most amazing cleaning job on the boat hulls and motors that have been in fresh water and collected the inevitable marine growth and stains. I have used your product for 10 years on several fiberglass hull boats and it is the only product that gets the cleaning job done after the pressure washer and all of the HIGH PRICED MARINE SPECIALTY products have FAILED!!!

My experience has been with the freshwater lakes north of San Francisco. My current boat has been at the Marina in Lake Sonoma for 5 months during each of the last two years. Previously I trailer boated into several freshwater lakes in this area and found that even an accumulation of those one day outings gave the hull a distinct stain after a couple of months. I suspect your product may be effective for salt water too, but that is another universe that you should investigate before you advertise there. I certainly does work for the fresh water algae and stains. Edfred with a little (not much) elbow grease and some brushing on the lower end of the motor is just incredible!!!

Please keep your shower product just as it is, available inexpensively in the grocery store.

My suggestion to you is that you package the same product in a fancy bottle with boat pictures and a marine type logo, triple or quadruple the price and blow those other useless marine boat hull cleaning products right off the shelf at every fresh water marina in the US. I also recommend you test it on salt water hulls and see how it works for the shorter immersion hulls. Those damned barnacles are probably beyond anything short of napalm!

Please feel free to contact me if you want any additional details on my happy experience with your product.

Author: Sue Morris
I have used your Tile & Shower Stall cleaner for years and years.

Author: Rose Hathaway
I am currently retiring my years of employment at a University to launch my Professional Organizing business...Fly Away Clutter. I will most certainly recommend your product to my clients.

I can't believe how good my floor looks. One would have thought my grout was dark gray when in fact it is white and now shines white!

Is there ways for me to get samples of all your products.

Thank you

Author: Pamela Matthews
Posted this comment on EDFRED blog.

I have already sold it to my boss who has a boat, my co-worker and one of our customers who does housekeeping! I called her the minute I found it on-line.

Author: Linda Peevers
I've used this product for over 21 years and it has made my life so much easier. I just wish the Wal-Mart stores in Reno, Nevada would carry this product. Everyone should know about this amazing product if you have well water. Removes the red iron and lime deposits.

Author: Karen King
Since living in San Antonio, Texas since 1986, I have found only two products that work on our very hard water stains..Edfred Shower Stall & Tile Cleaner and Edfred Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

All the other products that I tried appear to work, until after the tile drys and there still is soap scum..with one application of the Tile cleaner my shower and bath tub are clean to the bone. There is no need for multiple applications. Edfred Toilet Bowl Cleaner- also cuts through the hard water "ring" with one dose.

I love this product so much I buy it and have it shipped to my house in San Antonio, because no one in the area carries it anymore....don't mess with the rest..try the best...Edfred....karen king

Author: Kimberly D.
My husband and I love this product. He tells everyone he knows about what a great job it does. We are restoring a mid century modern home built in 1958 and the Shower Stall and Tile cleaner did an amazing job of cleaning our original exterior concrete walkways and making them look like new. I wish I could find the gallon size in stock at my local OSH Hardware or for sale online. I see that your website sells a 4 pack of the gallon size, but do you have any plans to offer individual gallon sizes for sale online? Thank you!

Author: Duane Reynolds
The bottom of our shower stall had not been looking really white for quite a while. We had tried many cleaners, clorox, vinegar, baking soda, etc. to try & spruce it up. All of a sudden it dawned on me that I had a container of EDFRED Shower Stall & Tile cleaner on a shelf down in my basement. I had it from a few years back & had forgotten about it.

Needless to say, I wish I had thought of this months ago. Our shower stall is now sparking clean, feeling smooth and hasnt been this nice in a long time. Thank you for your products & I will be using them regularly from now on.

Author: Gaye H.
I inherited a 50 year old house in a Texas county with the hardest water imaginable. The water leaves rust stains on all porcelain fixtures and 1/8″ mineral crusts on shower stall floors in a 3 month period.

I nearly went broke buying CLR and Lime Away which did absolutely nothing to get rid of the rust or mineral deposits.

I found Edfred at an out-of-the-way store and decided to give it a try. If it didnt work I was destined to have to buy new bathtubs, toilets, shower stalls and stainless steel sinks. Amazingly, all of these fixtures came sqeeky clean with less then 2 bottles of Shower Stall & Tile Cleaner.

It works where nothing else will!

Author: Lee Leingang
My wife bought a bottle of Edfred ( she still has a few drops left in the original bottle) at our local Ernst Hardware store, when we first moved to this area in 1978. The water here is (violently/extremely) hard and she was looking for something to get it off our outside windows.

She had tried all of the name brands and as a last resort bought a bottle of Edfred. She used it on a wet mop and applied it to the windows. She waited 2 minutes and I heard a screams coming from the front yard.

Not only had it removed years of hard water deposits, she didnt even have to wipe it off. It dried sparkling clean.

When Ernst went out of business 20 years ago she lost her supplier and has been searching for your product ever since.

She tried Easy Off Bam, Bring It On, Fuller Brush Bath Clean, Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower, Amway Tub And Tile,CLR, Mr. Clean Bath Scrubber, Limeaway, etc

We have wasted hundreds of dollars. Our daughter found your web site on the computer after looking for 10 seconds. Needless to say my wife is walking on cloud nine.

My most sincere thanks, Lee Leingang

Author: Mary Ann Jones
I am so glad I found Edfred. I have been a long time user of your products, both personally and in my working years. I was a real estate property manager (apt. manager) for almost 40 years, and I made sure my crew had Edfred on hand for the cleaning of the apartments.

If I remember correctly, you used to have an office on Tully Road in San Jose, and I used to sent my guys there for the gal. sized of the Edfred products.

When I moved from the San Jose area to the high desert, I couldn't find it. After growling about it for a very long time, I finally thought to look on the internet, and there you were.

I love your products. They really do the job for which they are intended.

Author: Steve Muzick
I received your products and tried the "Original Shower Stall and Tile Cleaner" on my fiberglass surround bath. There was a lot of soap scum buildup so it took a little effort to get down to the surface. But, it shines like a polished surface now.
I've tried just about every product out there and they all make claims to be the best cleaner but after trying your products I can say they do work. I will be back for more when my supply is gone.
Thanks for great products.

Author: LeAnn Coats
I purchased Ed Fred tile cleaner from a Ace hardware here in Mesa, AZ. a few years ago to clean the water stains from my cut glass goblets, but in doing so, I found the best scum remover ever!

At the store where I work we had some water sprinklers that were hitting some black tinted windows. Over time they were messy white encrusted windows baked in the AZ sun.

I took my bottle of Ed Fred where my manager sparingly used what was left in the bottle, and got them shiny black again.

Author: HeatherB
The Edfred shower stall and tile cleaner is a mainstay in our house. My mother in law referred me to this product and it is a must have! It makes cleaning so easy.

My daughter is off at college and called me about the shower in her rental house. I told her that Edfred is the only answer. We're making this a three generation product!

Thanks for making bathroom clean up so much less work so I have more time to play!

Author: Leah Chism
I have used EdFred for my shower re soap scum build up for about 15 years now. It's the only product I've tried (and I've tried many) that really works. It's amazing!!! Problem is, I can't find it anymore???

Author: Stuart
Thank you. Your product was the only, and I mean ONLY product able to clean the hard water mineral stains off my shower door. Now, go forth and sell a million gallons worth!!

Author: Judy Barrett
Thrilled to find you! Hadn't seen the product in years. Assumed you were out of business or bought out. I'm a Realtor who does a lot of clean-up and staging. EdFred is my all-time favorite products for restoring baths, kitchens, and tile floors. So happy to find it online!

Judy Barrett,
Kailua, Hawaii

Author: Lauren Nishihira
I am having so much "fun" cleaning everywhere with my EdFred products and I've found that it's contagious! My mom, who was with me back in the day when we bought our first EdFred products from Fedco, actually checked her cabinet and found several bottles that she forgot she had. Needless to say, she's been cleaning with EdFred again too and her 25 year old (or however long ago it was when we bought it) products are still good and working perfectly.

One of her bottles even still had the price on it - $1.45!!! That's crazy. = ) I'm glad your family company was able to spring back and I'm happy to know I will be able to shop at Ace Hardware and Orchard Supply to get more!!!

Author: Victor
I used to use this stuff everytime I moved out of a college apartment and can say that it worked perfectly and I always got my deposits back from the landlord no matter how bad that tub was. The stuff was simply amazing. Great product for the price.

Author: Jeff Traina
I recently used 16 Oz to clean my exterior windows which had sprinkler spray calcify them pretty bad. Windex would not cut through the build up of the hard water, but Edfred's did the trick! Your product is a miracle in a bottle and I will be giving a gallon each to my parents and in laws for Christmas :). You have a great product, I just wish you had a better supply chain as Ace locally did not carry it and OSH was sold out last time I drove the 15 miles to get some. Have a good holiday and thanks again for such a great product which does what it says, which is sure rare these days

Author: Christine
love your product... ONLY thing that would get the brown gunk the tenant built up for who knows how long on the floor of my fiberglass shower stall.

Pinetop, AZ

Author: Sandra Sather
Just used the Shower stall and tile cleaner and was astonished! The product is the best I have ever used and believe me, I have used a lot!

I washed the scum away. Not a bit of scrubbing. Can not wait to use other products.

I too live have a home in Mn and just called the local Ace store and was told they do not carry the product. I would love to show it off there. I will order 4 gallons and have it shipped so I can give to all my relatives and friends!

Please develop a leather cleaner!

Author: Pam
The Rice Experiment Station located near Highway 99 between Sacramento and Chico. We have very hard water from our well, so we have a water softener which really makes spots on our stainless steel sinks and the drinking fountain. I brought my EdFred Shower Stall & Tile Cleaner from home and used it and was able to get the drinking fountain looking almost new again.

Our Pathologist found that he can soak the little plastic stakes he uses in his planting pots in EdFred and it cleans them better that any other product he has tried, and without elbow grease!

Since we recently remodeled our office and got new stainless steel sinks (who named them Stainless!), I wanted to get a large supply of EdFred so I can keep the sinks looking new.

I have bragged about your product for over 20 years! Thank you.

Author: Clinton Barnes
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Really appreciate it. Didnt expect anything on a Saturday afternoon, so thank you again.
I use the Shower Stall & Tile Cleaner here at work and at home for hard water buildup. It is a truly a remarkable product and I recommend it to all that ask me if I know what works best. It beats C.L.R. hands down.
Thanks for a great product and thanks for the MSDSs.


Clinton Barnes
Maintenance Dept.
Driscoll Strawberries Associates Inc.

Author: Theresa from butterflyway.com
I have used EDFRED after rotator cuff surgery in the past. Being I had difficulties cleaning the tub and toilet, EDFRED did the hard work for me. Had another rotator surgery as of late and finally found EDFRED near where I live. Cant wait to surprise my husbandwith a clean bathroom.:)))

Author: janice crafford
After fighting hard water deposits for years, I finally tried Ed Fred Shower Stall & Tile Cleaner. It is, without question, the best product out there.

Author: Roland Jarve
I bought my first bottle back in 1996 from OSH. My project was cleaning up a fixer upper with fiberglass showers and tubs. The salesman at Osh really pushed me to buy it. That was the best thing I did to start getting the house in shape. I'm on my 3rd home now and just ordered more to get rid of the water spots on the shower glass.
This the only cleaner I use for showers and toilets. I have also used on the portable spa we have. I had drained and let it sit got really ugly inside. One wash with ED Fred and all the lime was gone from the tile. Thanks for such great products.

Author: Judy
After spending almost $14,000 on a bathroom remodel, we were so dismayed to see waterspots on the glass shower enclosure that we paid an additional $175 to have a protective sheeting coat placed to stop spotting and reduce cleaning time to virtually nil--so the installer said!! Funny thing--he left us with a complimentary bottle of EDFRED! After finding I had negated the warranty on the "special coating" because I tried commercial cleaning products to remove the rapidly accumulating blobs instead of just "buffing the glass with a lintfree cloth after every shower" (WHO has time for THAT????) I found EDFRED under the sink--NO WONDER the installer left it for us--he KNEW what was going to happen! Miracle Product! I use it for everything in my bathrooms except soaking my dentures!! (And I've almost considered that...)

Author: James Reynolds, Laguna Niguel
I am absolutely certain I will never have to use another product but yours again.

We moved in to a new home and for over two years I have attempted to remove existing hard water stains from all kitchen and bathroom fixtures and a stubborn stain in my daughters tub. I applied your product and waited the required two minutes and was simply amazed. Everything looked brand new. I was so excited I woke the wife and daughter up to show them.

Chemists Ed and Fred created magic in a bottle decades ago. Have no doubt I am telling and showing everyone how awesome the products are.

EdFred, I am a HUGE fan of. I can not express how impressed I am with your products. They are simply amazing.

Author: Julie Cunningham
I needed a hard water stain remover and saw Edfred at the local drugstore. I thought it was a funky name, never heard of it but I decided to try it. I'm so glad I did! Truly it's the best product out there. I've tried CLR and other hard water cleaners but none of them come close to the power of Edfred. I actually used up the last of my bottle last month. I was bummed because I couldn't remember where I bought it and didn't see it in the grocery store so I went online and found it on Amazon. After I purchased it (and paid a lot for it) I found EdFred online. The owner was nice enough to email me (unsolicited) to tell me where I could more affordable purchase his product. How often do you get a personal email from the owner. Just sayin' A fabulous product AND great customer service. You can't ask for more than that. P.S. I don't normally have time to write reviews of products but I strongly believe in this one. Try it for yourself. You've got nothing to lose but a cleaner, film free bathroom!

Author: Betty
I have been using EdFred for probably 50 years. I had my windows washed by professionals a couple of years ago. One of the guys was using a window scraper on the hard water marks. I brought my bottle of EdFred out and suggested they try it. The owner told me they were the professionals and they knew what they were doing. Alrighty then, I went back in the house. His co-worker wanted to try it. He poured a little in his bucket of water. Needless to say, it cleaned the window beautifully. The owner wanted to see the bottle and took a picture. What do you know, the little housewife with her magic bottle knew her product could do a beautiful job! Thank you for your magic!

Author: Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose
After trying EdFred products at home, I thought it might make a big difference in our exhibit "Water Ways". Typically, this exhibit is running constantly for 6 hours a day, 7 days a week. Although the water is filtered and treated in a number of ways, this doesn't stop the build-up of lime scale on our clear acrylics and Corian. The Shower Stall and Tile Cleaner worked perfectly. I don't think the acrylic has looked this good in over a decade.

Other employees had tried CLR with some success in the past, but nothing close to these results. Where hard scrubbing and polishing was necessary with other products, it only took a few light passes with a damp rag to remove the coarsest limescale. The Exhibits Department has now added EdFred products to our routine maintenance plans at the Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose.

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I have used your Tile & Shower Stall cleaner for years and years.

Sue Morris


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