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Edfred Corporation :: Product Reviews (Also see Rants & Raves at www.edfredcorp.com/blog)

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Product Reviews
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EDFRED 16 oz. Original Shower Stall & Tile Cleaner

Review: I have used your Tile & Shower Stall cleaner for years and years.
Author: Sue Morris

Review: Your Edfred shower and tile cleaner does the most amazing cleaning job on the boat hulls and motors that have been in fresh water and collected the inevitable marine growth and stains. I have used your product for 10 years on several fiberglass hull boats and it is the only product that gets the cleaning job done after the pressure washer and all of the HIGH PRICED MARINE SPECIALTY products have FAILED!!! My experience has been with the freshwater lakes north of San Francisco. My current boat has been at the Marina in Lake Sonoma for 5 months during each of the last two years. Previously I trailer boated into several freshwater lakes in this area and found that even an accumulation of those one day outings gave the hull a distinct stain after a couple of months. I suspect your product may be effective for salt water too, but that is another universe that you should investigate before you advertise there. I certainly does work for the fresh water algae and stains. Edfred with a little (not much) elbow grease and some brushing on the lower end of the motor is just incredible!!! Please keep your shower product just as it is, available inexpensively in the grocery store. My suggestion to you is that you package the same product in a fancy bottle with boat pictures and a marine type logo, triple or quadruple the price and blow those other useless marine boat hull cleaning products right off the shelf at every fresh water marina in the US. I also recommend you test it on salt water hulls and see how it works for the shorter immersion hulls. Those damned barnacles are probably beyond anything short of napalm! Please feel free to contact me if you want any additional details on my happy experience with your product.
Author: Jack Eldridge

Review: This is by far the best product out there,because it really works well, contrary to all th other products that are a complete waste of time and money.
Author: Arlene B.

Review: We discovered EdFred about 20 years ago. It is the best shower cleaner EVER! We are delighted to find it so readily available and from a family business as well.
Author: Storyteller: Jim Weiss

Review: We have a 40 year old house and there have been 5 kids through the bathrooms. The tile and grout needed cleaning and we tried Tilex and any thing else that we heard about. Nothing lived up to our hopes. EdFred Shower and Tile cleaner WORKED. We applied and waited a minute or 2 and wiped it up. No scrubbing. The grout looks as good as orignial. It meets my wife's standards and she is strict about the appearance. saved me a new grout job.
Author: Terry Tinsley

Review: I love the fact that it is biodegradable and isn't harmful to smell and breath like so many of the other shower cleaning products. AND it really works!
Author: Kimberly P, Santa Cruz, CA

Review: Did a search on EdFred. I was cleaning a very yucky shower door and remembered your product that I had used in the 80's that was easy and it worked! I'm glad it's still available. Paula K., Burkburnett, TX
Author: Paula K.

Review: I've been using this product for about 4 years and love it. I even use it to remove the hard water stains that get on the windows from the sprinklers. Being able to get it online now is a big plus.
Author: Judy

Review: I have used the shower cleaner for years and have been able to get it in stores, but can't find it anywhere anymore. So, I went online and found the website. Love the product!
Author: C. Munk

Review: Amazing stuff alright. Glad I can finally get this online. We use edfred products after a tenant leaves for all of the really bad build up of who knows what. A real estate agent gave us the tip. It would take forever with anything else.
Author: Sue

EDFRED 128 oz. Original Shower Stall & Tile Cleaner (Case Of Four Gallons)

Review: This size will do a very dirty shower a couple of times. Here are the steps I use: You need to make sure you use gloves. Use a small bottle with a single hole or a spray (harder on the hands to keep squirting) and start at the top. Do an area about 2 feet across all the way down: apply product then use a stiff bristle brush to spread. Allow to foam first if white. Rinse from the top several times and wipe dry with a towel. Make sure the section you do next is not really wet. It works better when tile is dry.
Author: Linda

EDFRED 16 Oz. Cling N Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Review: I have tried several different cleaners for toilet bowls. The Ed Fred Cling n Cling is the best. ~ Cindy Baalbergen
Author: Cindy Baalbergen

Review: In 1980 I bought a little 40 year old house in Santa Cruz that a realtor was flipping. It had one bathroom. The toilet looked like it had barnacles in it, I was convinced I was going to have to get a new toilet. I bought Cling n Clean without ever having heard of it but the bottle description sounded like it might help. I shoved all the water out of the toilet and let it dry and used an entire bottle, I left it all day while I ran errands. I was astounded, the the barnacles chipped off. In chunks. Using a wooden handled spoon, handle end. Like oyster shells. I couldn't believe it. The end result looked brand new. Now I have a brand new $600 toilet that has acquired and hard water deposit, because of our well water, despite water softener, that I can feel with my fingernail. It's a Toto toilet, supposed to have some sort of magic surface on it to prevent deposits, etc. The instructions are very insistent that abrasives, pumice, bleach, harsh chemicals will ruin this magic surface. I wrote to Toto, asked what I CAN use. They said CLR. Didn't touch it. I left it for three days. I told them, now they say Edfred. Not realizing that it is Cling n Clean, I ordered two bottles and am hoping for the best. I don't have my order yet. We shall see.
Author: Joanne Jackson

Review: 30 years ago my beloved husband told me about EdFred and I have used it ever since. Now he is gone but I sure am glad EdFred is still here.
Author: Ann Rosebrook

Review: Thank you so much for your note with additional information on how to best use your product. I bought the yellow and green Scotchbrite pads, and used them several times in conjunction with your product. Im very happy to say that after several uses, there is only a small shadow of a ring in both toilets. Later Ill do a number of additional treatments with the Scotchbrite pad, and may be able to remove even that remaining shadow. Im so pleased that the two toilets are 90% better looking, after Ive struggled to deal with this for years. I really appreciate and thank you for your note, and will leave a positive review on your website. Thank you so much.
Author: Sandy

Review: The best! I've been using this product for years in both my bathrooms. First time I used it I followed the instructions and drained the bowl. After letting it sit about 24 hours with a little scrubbing while waiting, both bowls came out in mint condition. Since then I don't bother to drain the bowls, just squirt the cleaner around under the rim and let it sit 12 - 16 hours. I do this every 10 days (results will probably depend on the mineral content etc. of your water.) No more brushing at all!
Author: Marshall

Review: I've used the product and recommend it to customers all the time, as a plumber of 27 years this has been the very best product I have found that works. I have found removing the water from the bowl and letting the product sit for about 30 minutes and run a soft bristle toilet brush around a few times and it's like magic.
Author: Arthur

Review: I cannot begin to thank you for making EdFred Toilet Bowl Cleaner. We have hard, orange ish water and my toilet bowls were a nightmare. I was embarrassed, however, nothing I used completely cleaned my toilets. This did. The nice lady at Ace Hardware in Morgan Hill, California HIGHLY recommended your product and I am SO happy I took her advice. I am now shouting from the rooftops and to anyone who will listen how AWESOME your product is. SO THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
Author: LeeAnn Dunn

Review: let it sit overnight on a bad toilet ring, the whole toilet was saturated with the product. Nothing happened?? product does not work. -------- Sorry to hear this. Could be due to not clearing the water out of the bowl and the product was diluted. Or maybe the minerals over a very long time etched your bowl. Contact us for help or refund. If you purchased from this site we have a double money back including shipping. See our refund policy. We will always take of of our customers. EDFRED
Author: pat pettite

Review: The discoloration in our toilet bowls was driving me crazy because I had tried several things to make them white again. Used EdFreds product and the results were outstanding. Have recommended them to several friends, including one who has a vacation home on a ranch that she believes will be helped by using this in their bathrooms. Really appreciate finding a great product like this.
Author: Edwina Johnson

Review: Didn't think it would work on my calcified toilet. Emptied the bowl with a wet-dry vac then let it soak in the goo for 10-15 minutes. Scrubbed with a plastic brush and the mineral deposits started flaking off. Repeated the process once and was able to flake off all the deposits. Now my bowl is clean!
Author: Gunny

Review: So glad to find Edfred on line. I had not been able to find the Edfred toilet bowl cleaner for a long time and it is super. Ordered serveral on line and received it in just a few days. Very happy to find your products on line. Thanks!!!
Author: Dee

Review: I have been using your bowl cleaner for a long time and now I can't find it anywhere. I live in the Ceres/Modesto area. (95350) I would like to know where I can find the product. It is the best bowl cleaner I have ever used.
Author: Marcie Miller

Review: In 2008 I bought a 70s townhouse in an area with hard water. The toilets were stained and I tried lots of scrubbing products with no real results. I tried EdFred toilet cleaner this weekend and within minutes I saw a change. Wow! Looks like I wont be saving up for new toilets. Thanks.
Author: Tina Parrot

Review: Love the toilet bowl cleaner. Amazing!
Author: Angela Loyd, Frontwork Home Watch

Review: Does anything really work this well? I had high expectations for getting a years worth of hard water ect out of my toilet. If I had to take a pumice stone to it I would be there for hours. After 3 applications of EdFred my toilet looks brand new. The scent reminds me of a Sprite soda, yet its very faint. I will recommend this to everyone I know and I will continue to use this product from now on. Excellent product. Delivers what it says it will do. Thank you very much!
Author: A Siemer

Review: I just stumbled over the shower product a year ago. I was so thrilled that I gave my staff bottles of the shower and the toilet cleaner.....I laughed and told them they would love it....they snickered at me....but, after the next weekend, my receptionist came in and said she went crazy cleaning all of her toilets....it worked so well, it was fun....her boyfriend thought she was crazy, but I totally understood the euphoria.... McKinley Scearcy Associates 108 East Mill Avenue Porterville, CA 93257 www.msacpa.com
Author: Lynda Scearcy

Review: This product works great and I would use no other toilet bowl cleaner again. It takes out stains very quickly. I put it in the toliet and let sit about 15 minutes, scrub and the toliet is spottless everytime.
Author: GWC

Review: After 3 years of use and many a toilet bowl transformed, I keep one bottle in each bathroom for daily swishing...no icky smell or bleachy fumes...saves time and money...kudos to EdFred!
Author: Pat B

Review: I absolutely adore your toilet bowl cleaner. It is the only one that works in the whole country. Keep doing what your are doing. I used to buy it at DoIt in Valencia but when I asked for it this time the girl told me she did not know anything about it. Mrs. Best, Santa Clarita
Author: Mrs. Best

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I inherited a 50 year old house in a Texas county with the hardest water imaginable. The water leaves rust stains on all porcelain fixtures and 1/8″ mineral crusts on shower stall floors in a 3 month period. I nearly went broke buying CLR and Lime Away which did absolutely nothing to get rid of the rust or mineral deposits. I found Edfred at an out-of-the-way store and decided to give it a try. If it didnt work I was destined to have to buy new bathtubs, toilets, shower stalls and stainless steel sinks. Amazingly, all of these fixtures came sqeeky clean with less then 2 bottles of Shower Stall & Tile Cleaner. It works where nothing else will!

Gaye H.


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