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Edfred Corporation :: Product Reviews (Also see Rants & Raves at www.edfredcorp.com/blog)

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Product Reviews
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EDFRED 16 Oz. Cling N Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Review: Don't ever stop making your products. if you do, let me know. I will buy a case or two. The best toilet bowl cleaner ever made! Now I know about some other products you make and I will try them too! I am a very happy customer. Thank you, Sue Moorhead
Author: Sue Moorhead

Review: Since 2001, I have been a huge fan of EdFreds Kling n Clean toilet bowl cleaner. I was having a party and had tried everything to clean the calcium and lime deposit ring around my toilets. A few days before a party, I decided I would remove the rings with a scouring pad, but that did nothing but add black marks to the ring. I asked a co worker what she used, since I never heard her complaining about this problem with her toilets. She just smiled and told me she would bring me the solution tomorrow. True to her word, she brought me a bottle of EdFred. I went home that evening, followed the directions, and could not believe that with a swish of the toilet brush the calcium and lime ring stains were gone. I have not used anything else since. Thank you for your amazing products!
Author: N. Andrews

Review: Also posted on the blog: Just to let you know that lime-deposit-encrusted toilet here in Tularosa NM is now spotless! Wendell said, "That stuff's a miracle...I had tried everything on the market." My reply, "I told you it would work!!" Thanks. Iris
Author: Iris Frank

Review: Had a very old bottle of the toilet bowl cleaner. Don't remember where I even bought it. Had just a small amount left and used it as I tried EVERYTHING else to remove stains in toilet. Worked like magic. Then went online to see if company was still in business and if I could order online. Great news - there you were and I placed my order. Thank you.
Author: Lorelei Foss

Review: Thanks for a great product ! After 3 years of non-use, I was so discouraged at the scale in what were brand new toilets. I had previously tried CLR, dabbing the liquid on to the ring, letting it soak and then using an electric toothbrush. No progress. Knowing how disheartened I was, my husband took it on himself to try to clean the toilets. Only this time, he decided to try Cling N Clean. After 4-5 applications with just a little scrubbing to ensure full coverage of the liquid ....... our toilets are like new ! I cannot recommend this product enough !
Author: Janice

Review: I nearly went crazy when my local Sears stopped carrying Kling 'n Clean. They ordered me a case of it because I bugged them so much. Now I can order it on line. This is a product that absolutely works exactly as advertised. Great stuff.
Author: Paul B.

Review: It worked beautifully! A 30 year problem solved!! It's not often that happens. I followed your instructions - cleared out almost all the water. Less than 1/2 a cup was left. Then I poured in your Cling N Clean. swished it around with the brush, and forgot about it. When I returned, I flushed once and the stain was completely gone. It really works! Thank you for your help. Paula, San Mateo CA
Author: Paula G

Review: When our father passed away we had to clean up some severe neglect in his bath. We though we would have to pull the toilet and buy a new one. Lots of rust and stains. But, this product brought the toilet back to like new condition. Saved our bacon. The before and after pics on their other site edfredcorp.com are similar to our results.
Author: Roger Dinuba, CA

ON SALE! EDFRED 128 oz. Original Shower Stall & Tile Cleaner Single Gallon

Review: I have been using EDFRED for years. We have a black tub and hard water. EDFRED cleans and shines the tub. Use it on tile and toilet too. The only cleaning product I use in the bathroom! Thank you. I just received my 4 gallon case. I am set for awhile.
Author: Richard

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I inherited a 50 year old house in a Texas county with the hardest water imaginable. The water leaves rust stains on all porcelain fixtures and 1/8″ mineral crusts on shower stall floors in a 3 month period. I nearly went broke buying CLR and Lime Away which did absolutely nothing to get rid of the rust or mineral deposits. I found Edfred at an out-of-the-way store and decided to give it a try. If it didnt work I was destined to have to buy new bathtubs, toilets, shower stalls and stainless steel sinks. Amazingly, all of these fixtures came sqeeky clean with less then 2 bottles of Shower Stall & Tile Cleaner. It works where nothing else will!

Gaye H.


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