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EDFRED 16 Oz. Cling N Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Review: When our father passed away we had to clean up some severe neglect in his bath. We though we would have to pull the toilet and buy a new one. Lots of rust and stains. But, this product brought the toilet back to like new condition. Saved our bacon. The before and after pics on their other site edfredcorp.com are similar to our results.
Author: Roger Dinuba, CA

ON SALE! EDFRED 128 oz. Original Shower Stall & Tile Cleaner Single Gallon

Review: I have been using EDFRED for years. We have a black tub and hard water. EDFRED cleans and shines the tub. Use it on tile and toilet too. The only cleaning product I use in the bathroom! Thank you. I just received my 4 gallon case. I am set for awhile.
Author: Richard

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Product Review Product Review

After spending almost $14,000 on a bathroom remodel, we were so dismayed to see waterspots on the glass shower enclosure that we paid an additional $175 to have a protective sheeting coat placed to stop spotting and reduce cleaning time to virtually nil--so the installer said!! Funny thing--he left us with a complimentary bottle of EDFRED! After finding I had negated the warranty on the "special coating" because I tried commercial cleaning products to remove the rapidly accumulating blobs instead of just "buffing the glass with a lintfree cloth after every shower" (WHO has time for THAT????) I found EDFRED under the sink--NO WONDER the installer left it for us--he KNEW what was going to happen! Miracle Product! I use it for everything in my bathrooms except soaking my dentures!! (And I've almost considered that...)



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